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Final Word: The longer the shutdown lasts, the less popular Boehner becomes

I don’t know how long this government shutdown will last, but I do know that Americans aren’t going to be too happy with John Boehner for much longer.

I saw a social media post that made me laugh. In all fairness, it was posted by a federal government employee who is NOT working.

It’s a handwritten note on a dry-erase board outside an office that reads “No Government Day 3 No longer feel obligated to pronounce Boehner correctly.”

Funny, but also pretty on point.

It’s only a matter of time, I think, before Americans decide that the Republicans COULD cave on this government shut down, and SHOULD, even though the greater problem is too much government spending.

It’s just like Obamacare. You might not like it, but it’s the law of the land because there aren’t enough votes to overturn it. So deal with it.

In Arizona, Gov. Jan Brewer made no bones about the fact that she didn’t like the expansion of Medicaid in Arizona, but the fact that our state would lose the funding and many poor Arizonans wouldn’t get healthcare WITHOUT the expansion, she approved it.

She knew the people of Arizona would be better off.

What a concept, right?

If only Boehner would do the right thing.
Congress should not wait so long to decide how we spend our money, because our government spends way too much.

But now isn’t the time. The president gets to win this one.

Instead of letting this shutdown continue, and have federal workers go unpaid, preschoolers go without Headstart, moms go without food stamps and the U.S. heads closer and closer to default.

Raise the debt limit, pass the budget, and get to work on cutting the costs. Everywhere.

If it costs more money to close a national monument so that we can’t use it than it does to keep it open, we are spending too much money there.
Where else are we spending too much?
Everywhere, probably.

Let’s get a really good, nongovernmental auditor. Or a thousand of them.

And get to work.

Boehner needs to quit worrying about winning this round or he might not ever win another election.