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Updated Sep 11, 2013 - 8:31 pm

Overlooked 9/11 memorial deserves recognition

On Sept. 11, we remember. With ceremonies, lowered flags and an overall somber mood, we remember the lives lost that day.

In Arizona, of course, we especially remember Pat Tillman.

In Pennsylvania, people gather where Flight 93, which terrorists had bound for the Capitol, went down. And in Washington, despite those who still don’t believe it was an act of terror, those who died when Flight 77 hit the Pentagon are remembered.

So many places we remember. We remind ourselves to never forget.

But as grand as some memorials are, there is one that I think deserves some special recognition.

I found it by accident a few years ago when I was on a family trip to New York City.

It’s at the American Express building across the street from ground zero. It’s called “Eleven Tears” and was designed by Ken Smith. It’s open to the public, if you know where to look.

It has 11 sides, for the 11 American Express employees who died that day. It’s a granite pool, with a 600-pound crystal above it that drips water, like tears, into a display. The display has the names of the 11, plus a little bit about each one of them.

It’s peaceful. And probably doesn’t get nearly the attention the other memorials do.

But I’m glad I found it.


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