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Final Word: Ohio kidnapper gets what he deserves

The good and the bad of Ariel Castro was on full display Thursday in a Cleveland courtroom.

Ariel Castro is the guy who reminds you that monsters exist.

Ever worry about that strange guy who lives alone on the corner who seems like he might have someone in his basement?

We’ve all seen them and probably joked about it. You never thought it actually happened.

But in Cleveland, over the last 11 years, it did.
And Thursday, a judge listened to Castro, and others including a police officer, attorneys, and even one of the victims.

All I can say is WOW.

Among other things, Castro said he isn’t a monster, but he is sick. He said the girls wanted to have sex with him, and in fact, it was hard work keeping them captive for so many years.

It’s the kind of stuff you couldn’t make up if you tried.
And it shows (I hope) the depth and severity of Castro’s mental illness.

He is apparently in such denial that he reportedly broke down in tears when he found put that the house was going to be torn down. He said there were so many happy memories there.


So what is the good?

He won’t ever get out.

The women, his victims, are reportedly doing as well as can be expected.

Ohio spent nearly nothing on the cost of this proceeding.

Which is exactly what this monster is worth.