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Final Word: Anthony Weiner reveals generational gap

So the Anthony Wiener fallout continues.

No, I am not just talking about this story to pile on to the poor guy. I really think this is an interesting commentary on our social behavior.

Wiener has fallen in the polls since the facts of his latest sexting relationship were revealed. Weiner said it’s up to the voters to decide what issues they are concerned about, and he’s right.

If I am voting for the mayor of arguably the most important and high-profile city in the United States, I want to make sure that the candidate I choose has a grasp on the issues for sure, but I also want to know he has good judgement and a little self control.

I don’t think Anthony Weiner has either. Plus, it’s just embarrassing to think of the mayor as the guy who texts the naked selfies, isn’t it?

But I guess this is a generational take, or so I am learning from another poll.
In fourth place in Tuesdays overall poll, Wiener has 16 percent support.

Except with women aged 18 to 26.

Women ages 18 to 26 give the serial texter a 78 percent approval rating. About 58 percent list his power as the number one reason they like him.


OK, the poll was conducted by a website that bills itself as the worlds’ largest Sugar Daddy dating website, but you know what? I bet the generational divide on this guy is real, if not nearly as stark as this poll would suggest.

41 days until the primary. I don’t think this Weiner will rise again.