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Final Word: There are some things a mayor can’t do

So the embattled mayor of San Diego has announced he will seek therapy for his bad behavior, but won’t resign.

You may have been following the story of Bob Filner. Seven different women have come forward to allege that he has sexually harrassed them.

The San Diego County Democratic Party has voted 34-6 in favor of Filner stepping down.

But he won’t.

Citing “generational differences” Filner says the two weeks of intensive, in-clinic therapy will take care of his bad behavior.

I can only imagine what this therapy will consist of.

Do you think this was something that was already “on the menu” of services at the local treatment center? Or do you think Mayor Filner called a center where he knew someone and told them what he needed and they created something just for him?

Probably the latter.

It’s like Lindsey Lohan going to an outpatient facility where she packed three months worth of clothes for “going out” to get therapy for her addictions.


Bob Filner isn’t going to change, and it’s not because he’s 70.

There are plenty of 70-year-olds who know the difference between harmless workplace flirtation and outright sexual abuse.

Mayor Filner just has to learn that there are some things you can’t do in the office.

Even if your press secretary is really cute and “doesn’t seem to mind.”