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Final Word: Companies get creative with on-demand services

Wow, Uber has really figured it out.

Have you heard of Uber? It’s the San Francisco startup that gets you home safely if you’ve had too much to drink or lost your ride.

You download an app on your phone and using GPS, you can summon a car, big or small, and automatically charge a debit or credit card. Uber has taken off — it’s an innovative way to use technology to fill a real community need.

Well, Uber is at it again.

In light of the current heat wave hitting the country, Uber is offering ice cream on demand.

Yep, summon an Uber car, or in this case one of the trucks it has commissioned, Friday and it will bring you ice cream. In about three dozen cities where Uber operates, you will be able to order ice cream via the app, one day only.

Gimmicky? Sure. But also a look into the future.
This is the way we are going.

I am actually surprised that at this point, you can’t yet order your Uber car to come complete with your favorite dinner on board, or movie in the DVD player.
We are getting closer and closer to living in a world where on-demand is the standard.

Just Thursday morning, at the Emmy Award nominations, Netflix became the first entertainment creator and distributor to be nominated for a non-televised show, “House of Cards.”

Many Americans no longer even have cable, or any other regular TV provider. They don’t need to.

The ice cream will be available in Phoenix, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. You’ll have to order more than one cone to get it delivered, but my bet is, once we get a taste of on-demand ice cream, we won’t want to live without it.