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Final Word: One bad egg doesn’t mean all cops are bad

I got a ticket Thursday. A speeding ticket.

I was speeding.

Yep, I was late to my son’s orthodontist and thought I could make up some time by passing a minivan and got nailed.

I deserved it.

And I told the officer I was late and why and he was so nice! He wrote me a ticket in less than FIVE MINUTES.

Look, I am not thrilled about it, but I don’t get tickets very often. It’s the third ticket, in fact, that I have EVER had.

I probably have gotten away with more than my fair share of violations, by the way. A little luck, and being female, has probably worked in my favor.

But the reason I point this out, is that on Wednesday, two different KTAR talk shows (not Rob and Karie, but we talked about it Thursday at the beginning of the show) discussed the story of a Phoenix police officer who was fired after video from his own badge showed him using foul language and verbally abusing people he pulled over.

The audio is pretty bad, but here’s my point: This is one guy. One officer out of 3,200. Phoenix police protect 1.6 million people.

They fired this one. I think that’s the right call.
Why? Because despite the danger and the strange hours, there are still men and women lining up to attend police academy and want to make law enforcement in Phoenix their career.

And if there are that many people who WANT to be officers, we can settle for nothing but the best.

Police officers don’t have to be bullies. Not yet. Hopefully not ever.