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Final Word: The problem with cameras in the courtroom

Anyone else feeling bad for Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend Rachel Jeantel?

Or, friend, whichever it is. She was referred to as “girlfriend” before the trial but now that she is on the stand, she is just a “friend.” Anyway, she was the last person to speak with Trayvon before he was shot and she has been testifying about the conversation she was having with him right before.

She obviously didn’t like the questions Wednesday and had a tough time answering some of them and had to admit she couldn’t read cursive. Prosecutors tried to call her out for that, which is nothing but cruel.

This is just one of the things that is wrong with cameras in the courtroom.

I think justice is compromised when attorneys and witnesses ham it up for a camera. And I think Trayvon and his family get a bad rap from the testimony too. The victims always seem to get victimized more.

Is Boston feeling better?

Speaking of victims, maybe the victims of the Boston Marathon bombers feel a little better?

The surviving Tsarnev brother, Johar, has been indicted of 30 counts in the attacks, many that carry with them the possibility of life in prison or death. Prosecutors are using, among other things, Johar’s own words written on the inside of the boat where he was found hiding.

Nowhere left to run for Edward Snowden

And word has it that Edward Snowden may have nowhere left to go. The NSA leaker hailed by many as a hero is reportedly in a Moscow airport and can’t leave.

Wow. I think that’s funny.

I don’t happen to think he’s a hero, but, even if you DO, you have to agree he has come across as a little self-serving.

If it turns out he is stuck in the airport in Moscow with no where to go, I believe he will have gotten exactly what he deserves.