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Final Word: Paris Jackson’s possible suicide attempt

Paris Jackson was hospitalized after a reported suicide attempt.

The daughter of the King of Pop is, according to family and friends, doing well and resting. I don’t bring it up because I am fascinated with the world of celebrities like the Jacksons. Not at all.

I bring it up because here is an example of a teenager who is famous for no other reason than that she had a famous father and, having lost her dad in such a public way, you have to think this 15-year-old girl (is there a harder age to be, by the way?) had a lot of emotional things going on in her life. Michael’s crazy family has taken her and her brothers in, and you have to imagine that’s a weird set up.

When Michael had his kids, all of America speculated who the mother was, what life was like at their house and whether or not they were actually HIS kids. Remember the great lengths he went to to protect his kids’ faces when they were out in public? He made sure that no one could publicly comment on the way they looked or behaved. We thought that was so weird, and we criticized him for it.

Sure, Michael was odd, but as it turns out, perhaps it was for the best.

Now the kids are teenagers and are having a much more public life. Paris is on Twitter and recently posted a selfie video. That was the night before a reported call to a suicide help line and suicide attempt.

So, while you have to acknowledge that being a teenager is tough, and being a teenager in the Jackson family, who is constantly followed and photographed and gossiped about, do we think she’s better off with the Jackson family than she would have been with her overprotective dad?

Maybe not.

What a surprise, right?