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Updated Jun 1, 2013 - 8:00 pm

Final Word: Oklahoma residents feeling the brunt of more tornado damage

The residents of Oklahoma have got to be at the end of their rope.

The injury count after Friday’s tornados topped 75, and there are more storms possible. After the tornadoes in Moore killed 24, including 10 children, many in the Oklahoma City suburb are homeless.

We have been asking why people continue to rebuild in tornado alley, when it seems like these deadly storms are inevitable. I used to think it was like any place you choose to live… each city or region has its good and bad. You deal with the bad and wait for the good.

Like in Arizona, where we put up with July, August and September for the other nine months out of the year. In California, they are dealing with wildfires right now. In New Jersey, they are just re-opening the beaches eight months after Superstorm Sandy. And in the Pacific Northwest, severe weather comes in the form of eight months of wet and fog.

Summer doesn’t even start until the Fourth of July. But if our Mother Nature continues to get more and more extreme, some of these regions where people “put up with the bad while they wait for the good” might not have enough good left.

And my amateur review of the Fleetwood Mac concert goes like this.

Stevie Nicks looks amazing. It’s hard to believe she is 65. Now, she doesn’t have nearly the vocal range she used to, and I couldn’t help but wish I could go back in time and hear the band as they were in 1978. But she still sounds great on most everything. And as I watched her interact with her band, and I thought about the history between all of them over the years; the love affairs, the fights, and the amazing music they created together through it all, I was glad I got to see them at all.

But Lindsey Buckingham stole the show. That guy looks and sounds like someone half his age. You could feel the chemistry between Nicks and Buckingham as they played and sang together.


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