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Final Word: Who had it worse than Taylor Swift? Stevie Nicks

Move over Taylor Swift, there’s a big-time concert Thursday in Phoenix, as the Valley’s own Stevie Nicks is playing with Fleetwood Mac at the US Airways center.

I know, I know, Taylor Swift is really cute and a great role model for young girls with her wholesome good looks and modest, elegant wardrobe. All the moms (and dads) I know who took their girls to the show can’t stop talking about how great a message Swift imparts to the crowd about “not hating” and just being who you are.

But Stevie Nicks was making music nearly 40 years before Taylor Swift was even born. In 1977, Stevie and her band released “Rumors,” which was the best-selling album of that year, and of all-time the year it was released. It’s still in the top ten and that was back in the day when you had to shell out money for the whole album, not just the single on iTunes.

You think your relationships are difficult Taylor? Stevie had one romance with her bandmate, Lindsey Buckingham. After that messy breakup, she had another romance with her drummer, Mick Fleetwood.

When her best friend died from leukemia shortly after giving birth, she married the father to be a mom to the baby. She later said, of the marriage, “We didn’t get married because we were in love, we got married because we were grieving and it was the only way we could feel like we were doing the right thing.” That lasted three months.

She even did some time at Betty Ford for rehab and has been clean since 1986. Talk about “Trouble.” But she kept it together and kept on writing and performing some of the best music we had in the 1970s and 1980s.

Taylor Swift, with the number of love songs you’ve written and stories of life’s angst that you have shared, one would think you had been through five decades worth of heartbreak and drama. Stevie Nicks actually HAS. I am really looking forward to the concert.

Hitler Tea Kettle

By the way, I checked out the Hitler Tea Kettle from the expansion segment with Mac Watson at 12:40.

I think the picture of the tea kettle might be mistaken as Hitler-esque, but in person? JCPenney has removed the billboard AND the kettle from it’s website.

This is a serious tempest in a teapot.