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Final Word: Facebook faces music on hate speech

Facebook is introducing some new procedures to try to root out hateful content. The company said the filters it set up to screen hateful speech and images isn’t working the way it intended. Now, it will not only speed up the censoring of images but use the monitoring systems more often.

Obviously, advertiser pressure helped encourage the change, as companies such as Dove, whose campaign focusing on “real beauty” of women runs completely contrary to the train of thought of most of these pages.

Should Facebook worry about content? Certainly. But should it wait for advertisers to call out the policy before making a change? Certainly not. Nissan was one big advertiser who threatened to pull its ads entirely. A woman’s group said targeting advertisers was the best way to get Facebook’s attention.

I guess so!

Lunch With …

Today’s “Lunch With” guest on “Karie and Chuck” is the new coach of the Phoenix Suns, Jeff Hornacek. It doesn’t seem like more than 20 years ago that Hornacek was wearing a Suns uniform himself. Where does the time go?

His laid-back personality and boy-next-door looks belied his competitive play. Coach Cotton Fitzsimmons called him “the Paperboy,” and it was a nickname that fit him to a T.

Hornacek was traded away before the championship run, and while he always said he loved his time in the Valley, he always played against the Suns with the same high energy and must-win attitude he had when he was here.

With this hire, owner Robert Sarver paid a little homage to the past, but this won’t be just a feel-good hire. Look for Hornacek to coach with a lot of heart and creativity.

Remember, this is a guy who never thought he would get to play in the NBA. Nothing was ever handed to him. He will work hard to bring honor and glory back to the Purple Palace.

Good to have you back, Jeff.