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Final Word: Time to let Jodi Arias jury off the hook

After saying once and for all they are unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the trial’s penalty phase, the Jodi Arias jury gets to go home.

And while you may be frustrated by their ability to reach a consensus on the sentence, let’s take a minute and remember that these people have been serving since the beginning of January.

They heard graphic details and ridiculous theories about why Jodi might have had to kill her then-boyfriend and they weren’t fooled. They made the right call finding her guilty, and I believe we should let them off the hook.

Maybe it’s better that a jury who hasn’t had to sit there for five months gets to decide Jodi’s fate. Or maybe it’s better still that the sentence is bargained over by the state and defense lawyers and approved by the judge.

Memorial Day weekend

If you’re heading out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, or just heading home to enjoy your (maybe) three day weekend, be careful. We are remembering soldiers who died serving our country, so stay safe wherever you are.