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Final Word: Best response to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO and a father/daughter reunion

The best response to Abercrombie and Fitch CEO award goes to Greg Karber. This teenager from LA heard Abercrombie’s chief exec say only cool, thin teenagers should wear his clothes. Now, when Kirstie Alley heard this, she got mad and made a stink, which only made her look silly and bitter.

Karber instead organized a social media campaign to encourage teens to round up old Abercrombie clothes they may have bought “by mistake” and donate them to a local homeless shelter. He made the cool kids comment look silly and petty and clothed some homeless at the same time.

Well done, kid.

Daddy-daughter and baseball

Did you see the great father daughter reunion at the Florida baseball game? These videos get to me EVERY time. This father was the “catcher” at a Tampa Bay Rays game and the daughter throws the first pitch. He stands up and takes his mask off. My favorite part is how she is walking toward the mound, thinking that’s what she is expected to do, and when she sees her dad’s face she breaks into a sprint. It’s a great reminder to be grateful for all soldier homecomings as we head into next weekend’s Memorial Day holiday.