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Final Word: Why boo Justin Upton?

Justin Upton is back in the Valley on Monday.

He is having a career year with the Atlanta Braves after being traded in the off-season. Arizona Sports 620 has an online poll up on its website, and so far, “Boo Justin Upton” is beating “Applaud Justin Upton” which I think is a shame.

Upton didn’t ask for this, and booing almost always looks bad. Don’t do it.


Tesla S

Did you see the sales numbers for the Tesla S?

In the first quarter of this year, more people bought the all-electric Tesla S than a similarly priced Mercedes, BMW or Audi.

Now, this isn’t a perfect comparison, as the cars compared here aren’t exact equals. Tesla only makes one top model as opposed to the other car makers, but we are talking about expensive cars, ones that are purchased by a demographic who may have never considered electric before. Wwhat it tells us is that Americans WILL buy electric if it’s a car they want to drive.

On Thursday, Consumer Reports called the Model S the best car it has ever tested. The only reason it didn’t get 100 points because it goes just 300 miles on a single charge.

Still. Does anyone doubt that this kind of technology is the future?

Mother’s Day

Hoping all my fellow moms out there had a fantastic, relaxing Mother’s Day weekend! I hope your kids spoiled you rotten and you felt happy and loved.

Now, welcome back to reality…