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Final Word: The week in news

What a week in news we had! From Jodi Arias to the Cleveland kidnappings, House hearings on Benghazi and the burial of one of the Boston Bombing suspects.

Lets skip Arias, as we will get our fill of her next week when the penalty phase of her trial begins.

Cleveland abductions

The story of the Cleveland kidnapping gets stranger every day and the details become even harder to read. Friday we learned that one of daughters of kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro is serving time in an Indiana prison for attempted murder of her own child. We heard from two of his other daughters Thursday and they seemed, by most accounts, pretty normal. Both said they are overwhelmed by what their father is accused of having done.

And about himself, Castro said he is cold blooded, and alleges he was both physically and sexually abused as a child. Makes you wonder how we ever stop such a cycle of violence, doesn’t it?

What’s the truth about Benghazi?

Will the House ever be satisfied about what Obama and his administration knew about Benghazi? My bet is no. I remember thinking that the very public deaths of four Americans in the consulate in Benghazi would be too much for the White House to live down before the election, but I was wrong.

But I think that no matter how many hearings are held and sworn statements taken, not too many minds will be changed at this point about who was at fault. We are just too dug in.

Bombing suspect finally buried

And finally, we now know where the body of Tamerlan Tsarnev was buried. In a small Islamic cemetery in Virginia. That didn’t take long. Just goes to prove that secrets are very hard to keep these days.