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Final Word: Arizona slips as retirement site

What? Arizona’s not on the top 10 list of states to retire?

Arizona rates surprisingly low on list of best states for retirement.

Don’t tell anyone in Sun City West. Or Sun Lakes. Or Scottsdale. Or …

I guess it’s the cost of living, which is so much lower in the Southeast, but it sure seems like this is the place I would come to retire from Cleveland, or Chicago, or New York. Although the summers are a bit hot. Isn’t that when you go visit your grandkids?

Let it go, Cleveland

Speaking of Cleveland, I think it’s officially time that Clevelanders get over LeBron James. The 28-year-old was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player over the weekend, becoming the youngest player to ever do so. He got 120 of 121 first-place votes, and no, the one writer who voted him second was NOT from Cleveland.

Look, I root for Cleveland as much as anyone, but he didn’t have to stay there. The town only makes itself look bad by continuing to demonize the world’s BEST basketball player.

For James’ part, he said he actually worked harder to be the leagues best defensive player but lost out to Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Pat Riley said, when giving James the award, that in all his years in the league, he’s the best he’s ever seen.