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Final Word: It’s going to be a long summer for California fire crews

You’ve got to think that, if California firefighers are having this hard of a time NOW, it’s going to be an all-time fire season.

For those of us who spend a lot of time in the high country of Arizona in the summer, be ready. All these years of high temperatures and little snowfall in the winter are officially an emergency.

Good luck to those on the front lines in LA this weekend.

Was the Boston bomber’s wife in the dark?

You want to believe that the widow of the elder Boston bombing suspect didn’t have anything to do with the bombs, right?

Katherine Russell said she didn’t know her husband was building bombs in their apartment, but the younger brother, now talking to investigators, said that’s where they were building them.

It’s hard enough to accept such an awful act, but to believe that an American citizen could go along with it makes it even worse.

Great Friday on Wall Street

Amazing numbers on Wall Street Friday.

The Dow and S & P are both in record territory. Add to that the jobless numbers that show more Americans are working and fewer are looking and not finding work and you have a much brighter economic picture than we had just six months ago.

And the sequester, the dreaded spending cuts that were supposed to result in mass layoffs and people going without? Are we still waiting?