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Final Word: Sen. Jeff Flake’s poll numbers drop

Jeff Flake’s poll numbers are down after the recent vote on gun background checks in the US Senate.

The Public Policy Poll looks at approval ratings of five senators from four states who voted against the background check measure, and it finds that 51 percent of Arizona voters give Flake’s no vote a thumbs down.

Flake’s people have discounted the pollster and Flake is showing a good sense of humor, saying on his own Facebook page that if you’re the nation’s least popular senator, you rank somewhere below pond scum.

It should be noted that the poll was conducted on behalf of a group called Americans United for Change, a group that describes itself as challenging the far right.

Amanda Knox releases her book

Amanda Knox is out with her book.

The very beautiful Seattle girl has done interviews to publicize the book, called “Waiting to be Heard,” and will appear Tuesday night on ABC with Diane Sawyer. It’s the 14th book on the subject of the 2007 murder of her British roommate.

She was labeled a sexual thrill seeker, a seductress and a liar during her imprisonment, trial and subsequent appeal, but went free in 2010. Just a few months ago, the Italian courts ordered her back and now she undoubtedly feels like she is living on borrowed time.

No one but Amanda and her then boyfriend will ever know who is responsible, but if she is guilty she sure is lucky to have been free and living with family and friends the last two and a half years.

Luckier than her dead roommate, Meredith Kercher, that’s for sure.

Kentucky senator fires back at Obama

Mitch McConnell’s camp has proven to have a sense of humor.

The Kentucky senator answered the president’s jab from the White House dinner with one of his own. The president made fun of the idea that he would ever have a drink with McConnell.

McConnell tweeted out a picture of himself with two drinks and an empty chair.