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Final Word: When Congress wants to, it can act in a hurry!

Congress overwhelmingly voted to halt the sequester effects on American travel Thursday, just five days after the first delays took effect.

With all the political posturing about the cuts BEFORE they happened, and all the scare tactics from the Obama Administration and hardline positions from Republicans on the Hill, when the day for the cuts finally came, life went on. It looked like the president was losing his influence because most Americans were okay with a cut here and a cut there.

But then came the travel delays and everything changed. All of a sudden, we had a common purpose, and cooperation, and a vote. And no more flight delays.

If we could only have such a sense of urgency on Social Security.

iTunes turns 10

For someone who grew up making “mix tapes,” I can’t believe how fast we in America have fallen out of love with the LP and CD.

iTunes is 10 today, and for most of us, we can’t remember the last time we bought a CD.

Every once in a while, I will pick one up as a gift, but by and large, I download most of my music for 99 cents per song. Doesn’t everyone? It’s convenient, sure, but I miss the “other songs” on the album. You know, those hidden gems that are the opposite of the made-for-radio hit songs.

Yes, I just used the word “album.” I probably always will.

But happy birthday any way, iTunes.

Manti Te’o remains undrafted

Day One of the NFL Draft came and went and Manti Te’o is still waiting for the call.

Who will take this guy after the crazy story about his supposed girlfriend who turned out to be a guy on the phone? It’s hard to look at this guy the same way we once regarded the runner up to the Heisman Trophy and I wonder which NFL team will choose to take him?

Stay tuned!