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Final Word: Boston suspects’ mother speaks out against U.S.

The mother of the Boston bombing suspects is speaking out, although I am not sure many here in America want to hear from her.

It’s natural, of course for a mother to doubt that her sons are capapble of something as awful as the Boston Marathon bombings.

But in this case, she is not only going as far as saying that she doesn’t believe they are guilty, or that she needs to hear from the younger son himself. No, she is going as far as saying that America “took her sons” from her family and she regrets coming here, to the U.S., in the first place.

She said America promised to protect her sons and now it is victimizing them.

Mom, I am sorry for the pain you are going through, but it seems pretty apparent to all of us, that your boys, no matter how wonderful they started out, have done the worst: They terrorized a crowd of race onlookers, killed an 8-year-old boy and two others and hurt hundreds more. They led the police on a days-long chase and held the citizens of Watertown hostage in their homes for 24 hours.

And still, your son who survived the police shootout is afforded all the rights and priveleges any other U.S. citizen would be in the same situation. Yes, the U.S. is the country who ACCEPTED this family, without prejudice, from a war-torn country.

Just like the Statue of Liberty says, we take many of the world’s tired, poor, and huddled masses. And then we gave that most precious of gifts to your youngest son. We gave him citizenship. And look what he did.

You’re sorry you ever came here? So am I.