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Final Word: Terror tourism in Boston

This is a strange trend.

Over the last few weeks, have you felt an urge to go stand at the corner of Boyleston Street in Boston where the bombs went off? Apparently, some people have.

I have to wonder about the people who see this terror attack as an opportunity for tourism. The pictures of the corner before the attack are spooky enough if you ask me.

If you haven’t ever been to Boston, trust me, there are far better tourist attractions than the bombing corner. Hundreds, actually.

I want every one of us to remember those victims, but not by making those two bomb locations the “place to visit” in Beantown.

AP’s Twitter account gets hacked

Of all the high profile hackings, this might be the scariest one, personally, yet.

Tuesday morning, at about 11 a.m. Arizona time, someone hacked into the AP’s Twitter account. They tweeted out that two bombs had gone off at the White House and that the president was injured.

It only took minutes for the AP to issue an official correction, or clarification, and the Dow dropped 128 points. The White House was forced to make a statement. All because some hacker was good enough to bust Twitter again.

Does this scare anyone else like it scares me?

If one person’s financial data is hacked, he or she could lose thousands of dollars. If twitter hacks the AP and the Dow crashes, America could be the biggest loser.

Michael Bloomberg on cigarettes

I am usually a fan of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s health initiatives, but I think this ban on selling cigarettes to anyone under 21 within city limits is a bit silly.

I will never take the tobacco company’s side on an issue, and it would be fine with me if no one smoked at all! But you can’t tell someone they are legally responsible for just about everything in life except purchasing cigarettes.

I am all for hiding the stuff too, so that kids don’t ever see it, but by the time you’re 18, I think you should have the right to a pack of Malboros.