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Final Word: Jodi Arias tweeting from jail

The story that Jodi Arias is tweeting from jail and selling her artwork should surprise NO ONE.

Does anything surprise us anymore about this story? It shouldn’t.

The fact that there is a trial shows you that Arias is so focused on her self that she certainly will do anything she can to promote her self and her “brand.” Her website claims to have sold several pieces of artwork, which is scary in itself.

Scarier is the fact that, somehow, the Twitter account makes it into court. If it does, the trial will last another three months.

Seriously, if you are buying Jodi’s artwork, are you happy with what you are supporting?

14-year-old at the Masters

Did you see the 14-year-old kid from China at the Masters?

He shot a one over par 73 on Thursday and shot four over on Friday. Yeah, he’s 14 and that means he’s an eighth grader!

The kid is poised and plays, obviously really well, but he admitted to some first tee jitters. Yeah, I bet. It’s the Masters!

But I wonder if, because he grew up so far removed from the U.S., and isn’t quite so awed by the tournament that most golfers can only dream of playing in. I think maybe he was a little less nervous than, say, a kid from Phoenix would be.

It’s possible.

“42” comes out this weekend

The Jackie Robinson movie “42” is out this weekend and I rarely get to a movie theater the weekend a movie is out.

Let’s be honest, I hardly get there at all.

But I will try to see this one this week and take my son because if there is one thing my son loves to watch, it’s baseball. And what a great way to show him the way it used to be. I certainly can’t.

The movie looks good. Here’s to hoping I make it.