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Final Word: NFL concussion liability lawsuit

The lawsuit involving the NFL and it’s liability over player concussions started Tuesday in federal court.

I don’t know how this lawsuit will end but I do know this: We have no excuse to overlook any concussion again.

Now that we know the effects can last a lifetime and we have the technology to diganose and treat concussions like never before.

Also on Tuesday, the Banner Concussion Center at Banner Good Samaritan will see its first patients. They can take a baseline measurement of a patient’s brain and compare it to what that brain looks like after the injury. They can better treat the patient, from the field or street or court where the injury happens, to the rehab room where the patient goes to get better, and often back on the field.

Ohio middle school drug testing athletes

In Tuesday’s Expansion, Rob Hunter told the story of a middle school in Ohio that is drug testing its middle schoolers who want to participate in sports.

While it might seem like a little bit of overkill, these kids should get used to the possibility of drug testing down the road, be it for college sports or future employment.

And, for the parents, you too! You should get used to the idea that your kids can, and will, be tested. And if you’re not already having the drug talk with your kids, maybe this can help kick it off.

It’s a great opportunity to explain why it’s never a good idea to start.

March Madness comes to a close

How did you do in your pool?

After four weeks of Mach Madness, it all came to a close last night and the winners, well, they know who they are.

I entered three different NCAA pools. I paid 20 bucks. I made a lot of guesses. I was, at one time, leading one pool and completely off the board in the other two.

After all the drama this last week, I finished top of the middle of the pack in one, near the top in a second and dead last in a third. My take home winnings: $20.

A total break even, and think of all the fun everyone had!?

It should be noted that the big winner of the KTAR pool, Jordan, decided to buy everyone here lunch with her winnings. I think I will give her my $20.