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Final Word: Matt Salmon on gay marriage

There’s a great column in Friday’s “Arizona Republic” by Ed Montini about gay marriage.

Ed writes about Matt Salmon, an Arizona congressman who has an openly gay son. At a time when many Republicans are “evolving” on the issue of gay marriage, Salmon remains opposed to the idea.

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman very publicly announced last month his change of heart on the issue.

Salmon said he loves his son very much and supports him personally, even though he won’t change his mind about the marriage question.

Salmon’s son, when asked to go on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, said, “Sure, I’ll talk.” But added, “Don’t expect me to say anything bad about my dad. We disagree on this issue, but that’s not everything.”

well, that sure takes the fun out of it for the talk shows. It’s so much better when father and son disagree and are bitter or when father changes his mind like Rob Portman did. This reminds us that there is a third possible outcome.

Ronald Reagan on gay marriage

In a similar story, Patti Davis is out this week saying that her dad, Ronald Reagan, would be in favor of gay marriage if he were alive today.

I hate this.

There’s no way that she knows for sure what her dad would have believed and yet she wants to score political points by putting words in his mouth. In my opinion, political endorsements by people who are still alive are given too much consideration, let alone one like this.

Final ski weekend in Arizona

It’s the last weekend for skiing at Arizona Snowbowl.

Yep, spring skiing for the weekend sounds fun, doesn’t it? Especially when you consider that in about a month, it will be 100. Every. Day.

Enjoy your weekend!