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Final Word: Same-sex civil unions in Bisbee, Ariz.

Bisbee has passed an ordinance approving same-sex civil unions, thus distinguishing itself from what most of America thinks of when it thinks of Arizona.

The vote passed the city council 5-2 and within 12 hours, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne announced his office will sue the city.

Really? Because they approved civil unions between same-sex partners? I don’t think that’s the wisest use of state resources.

The town has 5,600 residents. Most of them are likely NOT gay, and likely won’t enter into a civil union. The harm of this ordinance is zero.

Isn’t it funny how “local control” is so often touted as a conservative principle, until some locality decides to pass a law that the AG doesn’t like? That’s politics, pure and simple.

Bisbee is a cool, hip artist town who decided how they wanted to define a civil union. Where’s the harm in that?

Fallon will replace Leno on “Tonight”

NBC has confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will take over for Jay Leno when Leno’s contract expires in February of 2014.

Even though it was the worst kept secret in entertainment, it was big news when the press release finally went out.

The hosts had a blast with it. Leno joked that he had to break it to Letterman, again, that he didn’t get the job. Kimmel joked that it was HIM who got the job, only to be corrected by a producer that it was “some other guy named Jimmy. He joked “Does anyone know the return policy on yachts?”

Fallon, himself, played it cool, saying that yeah, the promotion is a big deal, but not to worry, until he makes the move, he will continue to focus on “whatever this show is called.”

Hopefully it will be a funnier show than it has been with Jay, but, considering when I go to bed, I probably still won’t watch it.

Wednesday’s Action for Autism raised about $390,000 for the kids and families who use SARRC.

The Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center is a real gem. Phoenix should be proud that such a center for excellence in the field of autism is right here in our community. It’s a model for organizations around the country and the world, and it’s wonderful to see so many of you support it with such passion.

SARRC changes lives every day. Thanks for helping us to help them.