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Final Word: Horrible injury to basketball player Kevin Ware

This weekend’s basketball games were overshadowed by the terrible injury to Louisville player Kevin Ware.

If you haven’t seen the replay, you don’t want to.

The Louisville guard suffered a compound fracture of his right leg after he came down on it badly and his teammates and even the Duke players couldn’t bear to look.

The poor kid has had surgery on his leg but obviously there’s no telling when he’ll walk on it again, much less play basketball.

When Joe Theisman broke his leg, the TV broadcast played it over and over. Sunday night, CBS showed some restraint and chose not to.

Nowadays, because of the shift in technology, the choice is up to the consumer to either NOT look for the replay, or to not only look for it but post it to their own social media. Which choice did you make?

Common Core funding cut

Do we care at all about public education in Arizona?

Our legislature is refusing to fund Common Core standards. Created by 48 states, these standards are a uniform benchmark of what our Arizona schoolchildren should know, year to year. They are solid, high-quality standards that ensure that a high school diploma in Arizona actually means something, yet the legislature won’t adopt them and agree to pay for a test that will measure out schoolkids by these new, tougher standards.

Remember when we developed the AIMS test and were horrified to find out that most Arizona schoolkids couldn’t pass it? What did we do? We made it easier.

We spend less than just about anyone on our students per year and we haven’t raised that amount in more than 10 years.

We have to do better.

I am so tired of hearing people who run for office and say they are FOR education. If you aren’t brave enough to actually support that education with money, don’t bother talking about it.

Opening Day

It should be a national holiday, but it isn’t.

On Opening Day, the D-backs take on the St Louis Cardinals on Monday and the D-Backs said it’s a sellout. It should be.

Ian Kennedy gets the start at 7:05 p.m at Chase Field.

Let the Web Gems commence! Play ball.