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Final Word: Reports on Tucson, Newtown shooters disturb me as a mother

Two reports have been released in the last two days, both detailing what was going on in the families of mass shooters Jared Loughner and Adam Lanza.

I don’t know whats more horrifying: What these two did or what their families did as they tried to deal with their behavior.

We saw the Tucson shooting up close and personal. Our own Gabby Giffords was nearly killed and 6 others died. Loughner’s family seemed very aware that he was not able to distinguish the voices in his head from reality. They did try to stop him by disabling his car and locking up his guns. An ammo salesman said he didn’t sell to him because Loughner “didn’t seem right.”

In Adam Lanza’s case, the evidence that he was planning an attack like he carried out in Newtown is everywhere. He collected news clippings and practiced shooting on video games. Authorities found a holiday card from Adam Lanza’s mother made out to him, with a check for the purchase of a gun. We already knew that Lanza had no friends and it was looking more and more like his mother KNEW he wan’t functioning normally and tried to use outings to the firing range as a bonding tool. But this latest evidence actually supports the idea that she encouraged him toward Newtown.

As a mother, that’s the most disturbing part of all.

US Airways-American Airlines merger

Valley-based US Airways is one step closer to becoming the world’s largest air carrier.

A bankruptcy court yesterday gave approval to the merger which will move the airlines headquarters to Dallas. CEO Doug Parker, a long-time Valley resident will head up the new company.

US Airways has been a great community partner and Parker has personally and professionally donated to many local causes and the Valley will miss him.

March Madness in Arizona

The Wildcats play Ohio State in the Sweet Sixteen Thursday.

The Buckeyes are favored by four points over the ‘Cats, and I’ll be okay if they win by four.

But coming from a mixed marriage like I do, I will try to be supportive this afternoon, starting at 4:47 pm.