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Dozer Download: Wheat!

I have come face to face with wheat. And I have walked away!

But the last two days were really, REALLY hard.

Last night, my husband and I went to a Teach for America reception at dinnertime. It was at a beautiful home that belongs to friends of ours, and everything at this house and at these gatherings is always top-notch. Including the food. The hostess welcomed me and said “There’s food in the kitchen.. help yourself.” I was scared. And for good reason! The counters were overloaded with platters of food. There were pigs in little blankets… open faced mini club sandwiches… and crab cakes, with bread crumbs, of course.

I ate raw veggies. I really wanted the pigs blankets.

I just kept reminding myself “I feel great… I feel great!” I can’t deny that I do. And it’s GOT to be the lack of wheat.

Still, it looks so tasty!!

We went to dinner at Tarbells. Mark was a guest on the show and he said his menu is actually about 85% gluten free. Fantastic!
Except for the bread. That delicious, warm, crusty French loaf that comes with a bowl of olive oil.

Strike two! The server put it down and I had to have my husband hide it behind his wine. God, it looked good. At one point he even taunted me with it… I told him he was over the line. Grrrrrr

And this morning I went to pick up a salad for work…. Where did genius, wheat free me decide to go? Wildflower Bread Company. Brilliant. It’s like I didn’t THINK that would be difficult. Or maybe, sub-conciously, I thought that looking into the eye of the beast would be good for me.

I ordered a chopped salad, hold the bread… God, I never thought that would be possible.

But it is… and I DO feel great. It’s undeniable. I am getting pretty good support too, and overall, this 10 days has been easier than I thought it would be.

But I still don’t like the pizza. (: