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Dozer Download: Days 3-7 of Karie going wheat-free

After being introduced to the book Wheat Belly Karie wanted to see if she could go wheat-free and to see what it would do to her health. Here are her updates through a full week.

Day 3-5

Wednesday through Friday of my first wheat-free week probably should have been hard days. But I was so busy with work and kid stuff that I didn’t have much time to eat at all. Thursday was our PCH Give-A-Thon. I packed a few snacks, but I ate a late breakfast and before I knew it, it was bedtime. Mostly sticking to chicken and veggies and brown rice. I could eat that forever!

Friday night provided the first real challenge, as Happy Hour for me usually means a cold pale ale. I have tried three gluten-free beers and they have all been various degrees of awful. But my son has a 7:30 p.m. baseball game, so the temptation fades. Red wine is always a good alternative!

After the game though, Jack and a buddy are hungry. They want to stop at Subway. Shoot. That bread smells awesome. I stay in the car while they go in. At home, I have an Amy’s gluten-free bean and cheese burrito. Not only does this not hit the spot, it isn’t even close!

Day 6

The biggest challenge yet. Saturday. College football.

Day begins with the regular morning spin class, where my bike neighbor remarks that I am spinning like a much younger person. I give the diet the credit. To be sure, I have great energy. More than any other morning I can remember. No sluggishness, no sleepiness… and my endurance is awesome. Hmmm….

The Devils play at 4:30 p.m. and I cannot think about watching the game without a beer so I choke down one Bard’s. It’s really bad.

My husband and son are heading down to the UofA game, and will drop in on our oldest at her sorority house. I know I should make cookies, but I can’t eat any. Maybe the first (certainly the first, who am I kidding) time that I make a batch of dough and don’t taste any.


I go to a friend’s house for the game and the Devils offense is so bad that I consider quitting the diet just so I can have a beer. I have ribs instead, and I bring a chicken-and-bean casserole, which everyone tastes as if it’s a science experiment. It’s actually good, but my diet is such a curiosity that the food plays second fiddle to the wheat discussion. Everyone tries to talk me out of it. This is funny!

Devils lose and I take my leftovers home. What else am I going to eat tomorrow??

Day 7

Sunday. Another day of beer-free, bread-free football but I am ready this time.

I eat yesterday’s casserole for lunch and feel pretty good overall.

The real challenge will come tonight after my son’s baseball game. I know the family will want pizza.


We go to Spinato’s, a bonus choice as it’s my husband’s favorite pie and I have heard they have an awesome gluten-free crust. It’s OK, but nothing that makes me think pizza will be big on this diet. Maybe that’s a good thing.

By 7 p.m., I am finally really tired for the first time on this diet. Could have nothing to do with no wheat, or everything. I plan to go to bed early and get up in time to make myself something fabulous for Monday’s lunch.

I am very pleased I have made it this far and have really not been too unhappy.