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Dozer Download: Karie goes wheat-free

On last week’s show, we talked about the new book out entitled Wheat Belly.

Its author, a preventive cardiologist, makes the argument that the wheat we are eating is not the wheat our grandparents ate. He says it’s a
genetically mutated, poisonous cousin to the healthy “whole grain” which currently sit, smugly, high atop the government’s food pyramid. My son’s
cafeteria menu proudly proclaims that it serves whole grain chicken nuggets and pizza.

By this new book’s standards, that’s not good enough.

Could I possibly go wheat free?

Would I survive?

I should try it… I have a sister who went gluten free a year-and-a-half ago and she has never been

But I watched what she ate for a week while she was visiting last year and I was scared to death. Wheat is in BEER for God’s sake.

This could kill me.

Or, it could be the best thing I ever do for myself.

I bought the book.

Then, I promptly went out of town with friends for the weekend and consumed more bread and beer than a German at Oktoberfest. And THEN I came home and quit cold turkey.

Day 1

I decided I would try it on the fly. I was at the Monterey, California airport and I found some wheat free oatmeal. It was actually delicious!

On the way to work, I stopped at an AJ’s and bought a cooked chicken breast and some black bean salad. I got some cottage cheese too, so it might sort of taste like a chicken enchilada salad, without the sauce or sour cream.

Or the tortilla.

It actually wasn’t bad.


At home, things were tougher. I had already asked my sitter to pick up a few things at the store when she got Jack from school. I was going to grill some chicken, until I read the label on the Yoshida’s sauce and found out it has wheat in it. Really? So, I stopped at the store too.

Two trips in one day is one too many.

I am learning that just about everything has wheat in it.

Settled for making pasta and meatballs with a side of broccoli, for the family, and NO garlic bread. Too tempting!

For me, some delicious gluten free pasta.

Please tell me someone makes a good gluten free pasta, because “Italy’s favorite GF” is a joke.

I am tired. I worked hard for those meals, but I feel good about what I ate.

Day 2

I wake up with great resolve!

I feel great.

I head to spin on a banana and coffee. This is not hard yet.

Afterward, I stop to shop the gluten free granola aisle at Safeway (it’s a short aisle) and find a box that looks OK. Mind you, this is shopping trip #3 since I have been back, just about 24 hours. I think I am shopping because I am scared. I hurry home!

But my GF sister finally returns my “what do I eat” phone call from earlier, so instead of eating I take notes!

She is REALLY full of information. She has a spreadsheet she will send me, and a list of her favorite GF things, most of which she gets on Amazon. Free delivery! By the time I get off the phone it’s time to head to school and I haven’t eaten anything. Maybe that’s the secret of this diet!!??

I throw together a super seed fiber shake with water (because I can’t find the cranberry juice) and eat a couple pieces of apple. NOT delicious.

At work, I eat the leftover chicken and black bean thing from yesterday.

Chuck flaunts his pretzels.

I am fine with this.

Because I have planned dinner!

But, still, I stop at Whole Foods, because I want to see what THEY have.

I swear I didn’t buy ANYTHING, but $75 later, I was headed home. I am covered in case I run out of things I can cook.

Dinner was easy. I did brown rice and grilled chicken, side of carrots and side of Brussels sprouts. Even my family liked it. Wait til they taste the quinoa pasta I ordered from Amazon…