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New Yahoo CEO deserves a chance

On Tuesday’s show, Chuck and I talked about Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s new CEO.

Chuck thought Yahoo should wait til Marissa had her baby to announce her hiring. He reasoned that she doesn’t know how she will react to having her first child, and after delivering and caring for a newborn, she might not be up for the task.

He’s right. She might not be. But I believe she deserves the chance to find out.

She has proven herself to be intelligent and hard-working, resourceful and energetic. I have no doubt that if anyone could take on such a life change and enormous new job at the same time and be a success, she could.

And if her name was William Mayer, and it was William’s wife having the child, no one would question either the ability of the new hire or the company’s wisdom in making it.

For that reason alone, she deserves the opportunity.

It’s going to be hard, and she will have more wrinkles, less sleep and a closet full of work-appropriate stretch pants when it’s all over, but I am betting she is up for the task.

Good luck Marissa, and congratulations Yahoo for your courage and confidence in your new hire.