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Romney doesn’t overreact to news of new immigration policy

Congratulations to Mitt Romney for not being overly

Friday on the show, we talked about the fact that as the
GOP candidate for President, you should be prepared with a
swift and definite response to the President’s new
immigration policy.

I was surprised that the Romney campaign wasn’t more
“ready” with an answer, if for no other reason than that
it would make him “look Presidential” — a phrase my co-
host hates, by the way.

Instead, at a series of campaign stops in the Northeast, a
region Romney knows well, he deferred.

His response, when it finally came out, was
tempered, and
He said the issue of kids of illegal
immigrants, children who entered the country without a
choice, is difficult. He said it deserves a lot of

These things are true.

Romney went so far as to say that he isn’t sure how he
would change this policy, should he be elected.

He is completely correct, and yet making this statement
puts him at odds with a lot of Republicans, many of whom
make his “base.”

It was brave. And thoughtful. And Presidential.