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Nerd alert! ‘Star Wars’ bloopers video is here to rescue us!

I’m going to say it: I am a nerd.

I am an unapologetic “Star Wars” fan, so much so that the highlight of our four-day Disney vacation was building a 6- foot Darth Maul light saber with my son.

So you could imagine my unbridled glee when the new viral video hit my laptop. Yes, the Force has smiled upon us all — outtakes and bloopers have been found. It’s all here, storm troopers falling all over themselves, Han Solo eating mouthpieces and Luke Skywalker celebrating his one-in-a- million shot by laboring over pronunciation of “supernova.”

My fellow nerds, it looks like we have stumbled upon a gold mine. Don’t worry, you can watch the video here — it’s not a trap.

May the Force be with us all.