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Why the shutdown will end sooner rather than later

We all shudder at the thought of 850,000 of our fellow Americans losing their jobs. We are, after all, a compassionate and caring nation. Your government is well aware of this and banks on the fact that we will DEMAND immediate action to help these poor unfortunate souls.

So they have heard the cries of a nation. “Stop shutting down national parks, feed the hungry, let vets see memorials and for the love of all things holy, save the whales!” “I am an essential nonessential employee!” “What will become of Meals on Wheels?”

They gleefully point fingers at the other party while their coffers overflow from the donations of delusional supporters donating to “their guy in the fight.” The more cries they hear from their constituents, the more reassurance they have that the plan is working.

We get to watch the “clocks” on the cable news networks. There is one clock to illustrate how long the government has been “shut down” and one clock to count the minutes until we reach our debt ceiling. Those clocks are not there for us. Those are shot clocks for your politicians. They know that they can only freak us out for so long. Don’t believe me? Hear anything about Syria lately? Right.

The DC Gang learned a tough lesson with sequestration. The lesson was that we got over the draconian 2 percent cuts rather quickly. So quickly that most of us were left thinking that we should do this more often. By the way, the CIA, armed forces, FEMA and other agencies have ALREADY quietly recalled their furloughed workers. The current number of furloughed workers is much less than the 850,000 that DC needs you to believe are still out of work.

You see, they have to call off the shutdown dogs as soon as possible. What would become of the ruling class if we citizens realized that we could survive with a leaner, less powerful government?

Their next move is simple and it will come sooner than later. Kick the can down the road, claim they saved the day and tell us how this must NEVER happen again.

That is, until they need another boost in fundraising.