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Faith in Humanity: Robert Downey Jr. channels Iron Man to help young boy

Alex was born with a partially developed right arm.

His family has been working with Albert Manero’s Limbitless, a company that provides low-cost robotoic prosthetics for people like Alex.

When it came time to deliver Alex’s new arm, Manero wanted to take things to another level. He knew how much Alex loved superheroes and came up with an idea: Who better to deliver a bionic arm than Tony Stark, aka Iron Man?

And Tony Stark himself was there to present it. Robert Downey Jr., the “Avengers” actor, invited Alex up to his hotel room and donned an Iron Man arm that matched Alex’s prosthetic.

There’s no word if Stark invited Alex to join his superhero group, though we imagine he would have to be 18 to join.