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Faith in Humanity: Chinese airline staff grants 4-year-old double amputee’s wish

A Chinese boy who has lost both of his legs recently got a chance to lift off, thanks to a gesture by a sympathetic airline staff.

China Eastern Airlines granted 4-year-old Li Haifeng’s wish for “a pair of wings” to help him fly last week, China Daily reported. Haifeng had both of his legs amputated after an accident two years ago.

Haifeng had the opportunity to be a pilot for a day with China Eastern Airlines. He got to take a tour of the plane, including a chance to sit in the cockpit alongside a pilot.

The 4-year-old has yet to take his first plane ride, but the airline has offered to fly him home, once he is ready to be released, from the hospital where he’s receiving treatment.

Haifeng first gained attention in China earlier this month with a video of him dancing to the popular Chinese song “Little Apple” on his hospital bed. The online community has already begun pitching in, donating more than 500,000 yuan (about $80,000) toward his treatment.