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Faith in Humanity: Nearly 50 moms shave heads in support of cancer

A cancer diagnosis is never easy for a family to deal with, but it’s especially hard when that diagnosis is given to a child.

It’s scary. It intimidating. It’s life-changing.

But according to the Huffington Post, nearly 50 moms, known as the 46 Mommas, are trying to make it a little less scary. They came together to shave their heads to support their little one who has cancer and raise money for a cure.

“There is this kind of rebelliousness to it. It’s like, ‘take that chemotherapy. I don’t have to have you to be bald,'” Annika Knudsen, a cancer survivor and daughter of one of the “Mommas” told WPTV5 of the symbolism behind the shaving.

The event marked the fifth consecutive year the Mommas have gone under the blade for cancer treatment. Since its inception, the group has raised almost $1.5 million.