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Faith in Humanity: Man pays hundreds for people’s groceries

We’re all always complaining about the rising cost of food, but a few shoppers in Concord, Calif. were given a break after a man paid several grocery bills.

According to KTVU-TV, the man, who did not identify himself, asked Grocery Outlet Bargain Market Supervisor Jaime Flores if he could pay some bills for people. Flores gave him permission.

“He’d walk up and wait until the transaction was over and then he’d pay cash for it,” Flores said.

Flores said the man spent about $600 in total.

The man told store employees and those whose groceries he paid for that he wished to remain anonymous. Flores said she questioned the man about why he would be so kind.

“He replied with, ‘Why not? Why not?'” He truly was a generous, humble person,” explained Flores.

Surveillance footage showed the man’s face but the store is not releasing the video.