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Faith in Humanity: CEO drives life-saving machine to patient

One Oklahoma man is still alive thanks to the CEO of a company who delivered a life-saving machine from Canada.

Sound confusing? Stick with me here.

According to the Huffington Post, Jon Sacker was in desperate need of a second double-lung transplant after complications with cystic fibrosis.

His only chance at survival? A respiratory device in use in Canada but not yet approved in the United States.

After hearing about Sacker’s plight, ALung Technologies CEO Peter DeComo personally drove one his company’s devices from Canada to Pittsburgh, where Sacker was being treated.

“Jon was in very critical condition when he came to Pittsburgh, and the Hemolung was a lifesaver for him while waiting for his second lung transplant,” Dr. Maria Crespo, associate medical director of UPMC’s Lung Transplant Program, said in a statement.

Thanks to DeComo’s actions, Sacker is recovering.