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Faith in Humanity: High school graduate meets man who saver her as infant

When Skyler James was an infant she almost died.

According to ABC News, James was abandoned in a cemetery in freezing cold temperatures. She would have died if it wasn’t for Charlie Heflin, who found her.

Heflin was working when he found James. He had a police scanner in the truck and heard a woman had told police she had abandoned her baby in a nearby cemetery, so he went to look.

“As I approached the tree, I heard a baby whimper. I thought, ‘Oh, she’s here.'” Heflin said Skyler was wrapped in a plaid Raggedy Anne blanket. The day-old infant still had mucus on her and her umbilical cord that was tied off with a shoe string.

James graduated high school this week. As a special treat, her parents invited Heflin to the party.