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Faith in Humanity: Texas community rallies around man with cancer

Cancer is a tough thing to beat, especially when you try to keep up with some of your favorite activities.

Things like cooking your favorite meal, walking the dog or heading to a game can become extremely difficult, if not impossible.

But according to the Huffington Post, one Houston community is rallying around 64-year-old Charlie George, who has leukemia.

George likes to walk his dogs, but the route tires him out so much that he often needs to stop and rest. Rather than forcing him to sit on curbs, residents have begun placing chairs in their yards to give him a stopping point.

“I thought I’d put a chair in the yard for him,” neighbor Shellye Arnold the outlet. “Then maybe the neighbors would want to put chairs in the yard, so I just sent an email to everyone on the street and asked them if they wanted to put a chair in the yard.”

The chairs are called “Chairs for Charlie.”

“When I saw that, you know … it makes you want to cry,” George told CBS News. “That brought it all to a head and made it real for me, that people really care about me.”