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Faith in Humanity: Ohio teen takes his great-grandmother to prom

If you missed your high school prom, the following story shows there may be a chance to go later in life — much later, even.

Fox News reports Delores Dennison, 89, recently went to a high school prom with her great-grandson, Austin Dennison.

Delores never went to prom during her high school days, but she eventually married and had kids — but later lost her husband and more recently has suffered heart trouble and a stroke.

Austin, 19, gave his great-grandmother a call a few months back and asked if she wanted to go to his prom at Parkway High School in Rockford, Ohio.

Austin Dennison is the kind of fellow who looks like he just stepped out of central casting. He’s the sort of kid a dad hopes his daughter would marry.

He’s an Eagle Scout who plays for the school’s football, baseball and basketball teams. He plays in the school band and faithfully attends church. He’s the kind of youngster who says “yes sir” and “yes ma’am.” He’s the kind of young man who respects his elders.

Austin told Fox News that Delores initially hesitated, but that he finally talked her into it. The two had to go shopping first to find her a more modern dress and purse for attending a formal high school dance.

The teen said he drew inspiration from his economics teacher, who had an older brother that took their grandmother to prom.

Austin presented his great-grandmother with a pearl necklace, and the two were later greeted by a loud applause when they were introduced at the dance. One of the teen’s friends even tried to cut in to get a dance with Delores.

Austin’s final surprise for her was having one of her favorite Frank Sinatra played as he escorted her to the dance floor.

“I chose that song because Grandpa Ed used to sing that song to her,” Austin said. “We shared that dance. It was really sweet.”