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Pick a side of the fence

Inconsistency in thought, ideology and logic is something I enjoy pointing out, granted, rather inconsistently myself.

Which is why I find some of the reflexive defense of police procedures and tactics perplexing. Reading between the lines of some of posted comments, and looking back at previous debates, I noticed something interesting.

Many of the people who rail against the “government” being too big, out of control and unaccountable to the people (BTW, I agree with you), are the same ones who think law enforcement is always right and any questioning of them is anti-cop.

Comply citizen! Just do as your told! Don’t resist the officer or question the police! Trust us! Remove “police” or “officer” from these quotes and add the president, the IRS, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or the Department of Education and the tune changes dramatically.

I can acknowledge and understand that people might view the role of government differently than I do, but the selective defense of, or outrage towards, I find intellectually and ideologically inconsistent.

And I’m being kind.