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You want to go to war with ISIS? I have some questions for you

More than 6,000 American servicemen and women have died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The total monetary cost is nearing $1 trillion. We have spent 15 years trying to rid the region of religious extremists and instill the concept of a representative democracy.

For those of you cheering for a re-engagement in the region and “War with ISIS,” I have a few questions:

1. How many more American lives are you willing to sacrifice? Will you be volunteering yourself?
2. What time-frame is needed to accomplish the goals?
3. What ARE the goals?
4. Using history as an example, what makes you think the region will be better, as opposed to worse, after another war?
5. Can you point to a specific threat to America (or our way of life) that can be mitigated by fighting another war in the region?

I reserve the right to ask more questions of the “Never-Ending Wars Club.” You know who you are.