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Why raise the minimum wage? I’m confused

Every time the topic of raising the minimum wage comes up, I get confused.

If the minimum wage is so necessary, why do so few people earn it? Discounting sub-minimum wage/tip workers, 2 percent of hourly employees make $7.25. My question to those who favor the current, or a raising of the minimum wage is this: Why are 98 percent of hourly employees overpaid?

Don’t believe my numbers? Read for yourself.

I eagerly await a reasoned, well-thought answer or a rebuttal to my belief that the minimum wage should be $0.00, being that business and industry apparently are in the habit of paying a premium for labor that adds value to the company. That is, unless you think business should act as a charity and overpay low-skilled, lazy or just plain bad workers the same as they do the productive ones,

That worked so well under communism.