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There was no Tucson ‘riot’ until police arrived

The “riot” in Tucson after the Wildcats’ loss was sad, disappointing and entirely predictable.

Tucson Police said they had been “preparing” for this for the past six months. Well, they trained for a riot and sure enough managed to find one on the streets of Tucson.

There was no “riot” until police in riot gear showed up and incited a crowd of intoxicated college students into facing them down. Other than people walking in the street in a bar district, there was no property damage or assaults reported.

In fact, after the “riot”, the official word was “one street sign was damaged.”

And to top it off, the “brave” men in blue managed to assault a young woman who was walking to her car attempting to leave the scene of this police-created event. Tucson Police say they are “investigating” this video. I’ll hold my breath on any justice coming out of it.

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