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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

Offended by the multilingual Coke ad? Get over it

It’s a COMMERCIAL! It’s meant to sell carbonated water! And the reaction/outrage to Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” ad was predictable and sad.

We have become a nation with a small majority of small-minded people can hijack the conversation at any time for any perceived slight on their version of ‘Merica.

This country has always been a proud melting pot of nationalities. I’ll spare you the quote from the Statue of Liberty, but suffice to say the VAST majority of American’s ancestors didn’t come from here, nor did they speak “American” when they hit our shores.

How insecure and narrow-minded must you be to think that a Super Bowl commercial that features a variety of languages somehow attacks the United States at its core? I’d argue the ad achieves just the opposite and, in a small way, reinforces the notion that the rest of the world admires and looks to America as a symbol of freedom and good intentions.

And for those who want to boycott Coke, go ahead. Just remember, Kanye West drinks Pepsi. Now THAT’S a dilemma.


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