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Why are party girls selling insurance in latest Obamacare Ads?

Possibly the best proof yet that Colorado’s new marijuana laws have started to impact the thought process of an entire state.

How else
can you explain these ads? From the same marketing geniuses that brought you the keg-standing “bros” singing the praises of the Affordable Care Act, comes the latest rounds of “ladies” — and I’m being kind — trying to sell young women on the benefits of paying for something they don’t want or need. As I understand it, the purpose of advertising is to compel a consumer to do something and for the life of me I cannot figure out the type of person who identifies with and would be compelled to sign up because of these ads.

I will not get “offended” for women everywhere, but what should I think about an ad campaign that leads me to believe that young women are excited to get health insurance so they can engage in risky behavior like sex with strangers and extra money for shots of alcohol. (Side note: Can you tell me exactly where these girls hang out?) Are these ads empowering to women and reflect the Millennial Generation or a horrible stereotype that sets the Women’s Movement back to 1931?

Oh, and someone needs to explain to me why the one girl is excited to molest a cardboard cutout of Ryan Gosling and exactly what that has to do with Obamacare unless it covers paper cuts.