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Precooked McRib is actually McUnidentifiable and McBlechy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The McRib is back, (for a limited time only) and while some of you may be hightailing it to your local Ron’s Steak House to buy one (or three), a picture went viral Wednesday that purports to show you what a McRib looks like BEFORE it’s cooked and slathered in deliciousness.

Besides looking like a piece of packing foam, the McRib comes preformed with pseudo “bones” to give the end user the complete rack-of-ribs experience.

In all fairness, I bet MOST of the items delivered through a building window directly into your car looks less than appealing before the fast-food artisans can do their handiwork on it, but now it’s the McRib’s turn in the barrel!